Something Can Be Done! Guide

Welcome to Without My Consent’s Something Can Be Done! resource guide.

If you’re reading this because someone has distributed nude photos or videos of you online, without your consent or in breach of your trust, there’s good news: you have many tools available to get control back. 

These resources are part of WMC’s Something Can Be Done! guide, and have been developed by the country’s top digital abuse lawyers. However, lawyers do not make decisions in a vacuum. Every case is different and the preferred strategy for your case should be tailored to the behavior of the particular people involved and the circumstances of each case. We are not your attorneys and the information presented here is not legal advice. However, if you follow these directions and take this information to your legal counsel, police precinct, domestic violence clinic, or family court self-help center, the answer will no longer be “nothing can be done.” WMC wants victims and their supporters to know everything that can be done on every level to combat nonconsensual porn. 

We are thrilled be able to make WMC’s Something Can Be Done! resource guide available to the public. The Guide is made possible by a grant from the Digital Trust Foundation.

  • Is the nonconsensual creation or publication of private intimate images unlawful?
  • What are the relevant legal claims I might bring against someone who published private intimate images of me without my consent?
  • What’s the first thing I should do when unwanted images appear online?
  • Someone from my past won’t stop contacting me/my new partner/my family. How do I get him/her to stop?
  • How do I find an attorney?
  • How can I find free, practical help and support?
  • What can I do about how I'm feeling?
  • What are some of the emotional reactions someone whose privacy was violated might have?
  • What can I do to protect my physical safety?