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Without My Consent empowers victims of egregious online privacy violations to lead the fight against online harassment.

We document the law as it is. We identify obstacles to justice. We train lawyers, law enforcement, and advocates. We engage in solutions-oriented work with industry and government. We stand for free speech, privacy, due process, and equality in a digital world.

WMC makes educational materials on these topics available through this website, free of charge. Though the materials provided here are broader in scope, much of our work currently centers on the nonconsensual distribution of sexually explicit images.

Something Can Be Done! Guide

If someone has distributed nude photos or videos of you online, without your consent or in breach of your trust, there’s good news: you have many tools available to get control back.

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50 State Project

Building a state by state database

We are compiling a comprehensive overview of the possible civil claims that a victim of such conduct might explore, and the potential criminal consequences of the unlawful conduct, in each jurisdiction.

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Compiling Online Harassment Data

From July 2013 to February 2014, Without My Consent conducted an online survey to better understand the experience of online harassment victims. In September 2014, we published a Preliminary Report: Without My Consent’s Survey of Online Stalking, Harassment and Violations of Privacy.

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