Official Statement - Without My Consent Expresses Support for Microsoft’s New Reporting Mechanisms For Revenge Porn

This morning, Microsoft unveiled the launch of its new portal, a reporting web page that allows victims of revenge pornography to remove links to photos and videos from search results in Bing and remove access to the content itself when shared on OneDrive or Xbox Live (See Microsoft On The Issues, ’Revenge Porn:’ Putting victims back in control).

Without My Consent has issued the following statement in support of Microsoft’s latest efforts to empower victims of online harassment: 

“Microsoft has taken necessary and thoughtful steps to allow victims of revenge pornography to report and remove the harmful images and content that have been disseminated online. It is important for industry leaders, particularly those like Microsoft with search engines like Bing, to provide a meaningful resolution and removal process for victims and victim advocates.  

We hope Microsoft’s latest actions will inspire other companies to implement similar processes.”

Microsoft’s reporting mechanism follows efforts from companies like Google and Twitter who have unveiled their own policies and mechanisms to combat revenge pornography and online harassment in recent weeks. 

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(Note: As disclosed in her bio, WMC co-founder Colette Vogele is an employee of Microsoft. Her work at Microsoft is independent of WMC and does not involve company policy on online safety matters.)